Artists on Art Featured Article No. 1 by Shan Fannin

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January 2017 Issue Artists On Art Magazine
Cover of article and images of contributing artists that I interviewed. From left to right: Robb McKenzie, Stephanie Estrin, Brenda Armistead , Gabe Langholtz , Shannon Fannin (me), Anna Lisa Leal

New Article! I’ve written the first of a two-part series of articles for Artists on Art Magazine called: “The Educational Road To Becoming a Successful Artist”. This series looks at successful artisans that prepared themselves with a Fine Art Degree compared to those that learned from Life experiences (military, corporate world, raising a family, travel, etc.) before becoming an artist. The first story looks at those that prepared through Life lessons. January 2017 for this first article, and the beginning of March for the following piece. 




You can subscribe and read the article(s) on the Artists on Art we bsite at:


For more information about the contributing artists that gave me feedback to write this article, see below:

Stephanie Estrin (Abstract Painter):

Robb McKenzie (Steampunk Sculptor):

Anna Lisa Leal (Pastel Painter):

Gabe Langholtz (Naive/Modernist Painter):

Brenda Armistead (Sculptor/Mixed Media):

Bio about the Author
A snippet of the article with me by my Chevy Truck painting.
If my work were on the cover…. A BIG thanks to editor, Andrew, for making this for me. One day, my work WILL be on the cover of a national art magazine. It is one of my life goals 🙂


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