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This piece was a big challenge for me.

To me, a successful artist is not only one that is recognized and sells works consistently, but also gives back where they can. As a former Marketing Director (way before kids and art), I feel honored when artists or those considering a career in the arts ask my advice.

I’ve stepped away from my easel for a few weeks in order to write a few articles for upcoming magazines (links coming soon). Earlier this week, I read something about personal goals and not having the drive to tackle them. I thought about that for a bit. We all have dreams and personal goals (i.e. a job promotion, traveling to exotic locations, losing weight, buying that home/car, and so much more). I’ve set some goals for myself over the years, and have either seen them come to fruition, or are on the road to achievement. Sure, I’ve had delays or had to change my plans lots of times, but I don’t think that is bad. Life happens and we just need to roll with it. Those Life diversions are just lessons learned for future use.

I wrote an article for one of my favorite creative sites, Bored Panda, about my path to becoming a fine vehicle artist. It talks about my early creative life, going into the corporate world, raising kids, and then coming back full circle to art. The morning after I wrote it, I got an email from one of their editors saying that they loved the piece, made a few changes, and it was a featured article on their Art page. That’s a great compliment.

Here is the article for Bored Panda on January 11, 2017. The title is not mine, but most of the wording is. As someone that didn’t start a new career until her early 40’s, I encourage anyone else wanting to follow a dream to GO FOR IT. 🙂

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