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Dipping my toes in the Hyperrealism Pool

I'm thrilled to share that 4 of my paintings are in Hyperrealism Magazine Issue #18.

I consider myself a Photorealist vehicle artist as my works are painted with my fingers, palms, and brushes. My style allows me to create a fine balance of abstract with realism. It is an honor to have my works alongside hyperrealists around the world that I admire. Here is a YouTube video showing my work.

You can find this and other issues at Hyperrealism Magazine

Big THANKS to the magazine team for this beautiful issue.

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1 Comment

Randy Pobst
Randy Pobst
Jul 06, 2022

Very beautiful and impressive work, Ms. Fannin. And I have that very Royal Enfield bike. Not running. Doesn't seem to want to run much. But is a cool classic look!

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