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Farmer's Friend - Dodge Truck


I've had folks tell me that they can feel areas of my paintings that I really enjoyed painting. I think this piece shows the chrome grill ornament was my favorite part to paint. 

Most of my paintings are created in bold, bright colors. When I take on a rusted vehicle, the palette is a whole new challenge for me. To create rust, I use a wide range of oranges, browns, greens, pinks, yellows, and even blues. As of this painting, I've created 3 other rusted works besides this one. You can see them HERE , HERE  , HERE. All were wonderful challenges that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

This 8"x10" painting is small compared to my usual pieces as it is for the Abend Gallery Miniature Exhibition. The piece includes a Letter of Authenticity and soft portfolio book for my collector. 

Contact Abend Gallery for more information. 

Farmer's Friend - Dodge Truck

Available through Abend Gallery 

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