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White Fiat Cinquecento


In April/May of 2018, my husband and I took a trip to Rome, Florence, and Modena Italy. We planned our trip for two years, and it was to be an art/work vacation.

This little Fiat was parked outside our flat in Rome, Italy. Just down the street from Piazza Navona. As this car was probably made 40+yrs ago, it has seen some rust, dings, and scratches. It has character. It has a patina that can only be acquired with years of driving. I knew it would make a great painting.

This painting was a new challenge for me as I needed to paint rust. I had never taken on rust or wear-and-tear in my art before. It was a refreshing challenge, and one I’m very happy to have tackled. I know that more rustic vehicles are headed to my easels in the future.

“White Fiat Cinquecento”, 24″x36″x1.5″, acrylic on canvas.

This painting is available through artist (on display through People's Gallery, Austin, TX). Please contact

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