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White Fiat Cinquecento

White Fiat Cinquecento

“White Fiat Cinquecento”, 24″x36″x1.5″, acrylic on canvas.

In April/May of 2018, my husband and I took a trip to Rome, Florence, and Modena Italy. We planned our trip for two years, and it was to be an art/work vacation.

This little Fiat was parked outside our flat in Rome, Italy. Just down the street from Piazza Navona. As this car was probably made 40+yrs ago, it has seen some rust, dings, and scratches. It has character. It has a patina that can only be acquired with years of driving. I knew it would make a great painting.

This painting was a new challenge for me as I needed to paint rust. I had never taken on rust or wear-and-tear in my art before. It was a refreshing challenge, and one I’m very happy to have tackled. I know that more rustic vehicles are headed to my easels in the future.

This painting is available through Zhou B Art Center Gallery

Shan and White Fiat Cinquecento
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