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WAMX 3535 train engine

WAMX 3535

“WAMX 3535″, 30″x40″x1.5”, acrylic on canvas.

I’ve had folks ask me in the past about painting other vehicles. One that I’ve wanted to paint for a long time is a train. So many of us have fond memories of these powerful machines crossing over our roads or alongside the highway. My own son adored trains as a small boy. So much so that we made a day of booking a steam train ride, making him a cardboard train costume for Halloween, and filling his toy box with Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. Trains are a part of whom we are. They bring joy whenever we hear the whistle.


This fabulous yellow lady was parked in a train yard in Austin. She was a challenge to paint as there were no reflective surfaces, but rust and worn metal. I enjoyed bringing her to life and plan on painting more trains in the near future. I especially want to create a steam train.


Available through Western Gallery. Please contact Gallery Director, George Irwin, for pricing and shipping. Letter of Authenticity included. 

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