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Working large is a THRILL

Before I became a professional fine artist, I had a business for a while creating murals. I am sure that my love for working large came from this early adventure.

From there, I began working on canvases. I began using a combination of my fingers, palms, and brushes to create my subjects and bring them to life. This has been my style since becoming an artist in February 2015.

In that first year as a painter, I created 4 large canvases ranging from 4'x5' to 4'x6'. My last large work, a 1951 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck, was created in December 2015. This painting went on to be featured in the Austin Bergstrom International Airport for 6 months in 2016. A visitor of the airport saw my painting, and offered me my first solo exhibition during the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. It was an amazing experience, and I owe it all to working LARGE.

I just started a new artwork 3 days ago. It is a 4'x5' bold beauty. I feel like an excited kid while I am painting it with hands and brushes. I truly think I'm meant to be a large scale artist. As many of us don't have the wall space for large works, I often paint smaller pieces. However, beginning this new piece has rekindled my love for working large. The size allows my style to really come through and to see all the abstract reflections in my subject. It is so fun to watch evolve at the end of each day.

Will I be painting more large works in the future? YOU BET! Those large works are not only challenging, but a blast to create :D

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