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Volkswagen MkV GTI


This was a special commission painting that I created for Alpha Dent. I usually do not paint on paper, but this collector asked that I create a piece that he could frame with UV/UVA glass and framing. 

My collector adored his GTI that was totaled in an accident several years prior. He had put in many hours of upgrades to make his "Stormtrooper" GTI personalized. Unfortunately, he only had a few photos for me to work from. 

I chose watercolor paper and watered down my Liquitex acrylics to create a soft painting. This piece has a much different feel than my usual bold paintings on canvas. 

Thank you, Alpha Dent, for allowing me to create a painting that means so much to you. I am always happy to recreate a memory that will be treasured. 

"Volkswagen MkV GTI- Das Sturmtruppen"


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