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Cadillac Longchamps B (Lalique Ornament)


You don't see many hood ornaments like this phenomenal Lalique Longchamps B. I spotted her on the hood of a lovely classic Cadillac, and knew I had to paint it in the near future. 

As the pandemic had paused all car shows, I was looking through my image reference library and found this Longchamps B. It was a delightful blend of photorealism and abstract background. The background was painted almost solely with my fingers and palms (my favorite way to paint backgrounds). A messy process, but one I dearly enjoy. 

Cadillac Longchamps B (Lalique Hood Ornament) - 24"x36"x1.5", acrylic on cotton. Available through artist at 

"Cadillac Longchamps B"

Available through artist,

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