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Build Hope, Not Walls Charity Brick


I was asked to participate in a 100 international artist call, “Build Hope, Not Walls” in the fall 2017. This charity event raised money to help organizations that assisted immigrants and those that help them. Each artist was asked to paint a brick in their own style and state why helping others from different countries meant so much to them.

My reason: “Participating in this worthy cause means a lot to me. My grandparents were immigrants from Yugoslavia many years ago, and worked hard to become an integral part of their community. Their perseverance set an example for me and my creative career today. Like my grandparents, many of our have relatives have made a new start in our country and we are better for their contributions. If my art can help others achieve their dream to start fresh, I’m honored to do so. I strongly believe we all deserve to live in a world without discrimination, hate, and fear. We all deserve a fresh start and to be ourselves.”

I was astonished (and humbled beyond words) when an avid collector of mine from California purchased my brick for $600. Every dollar of that went to help these wonderful charities. To the collector, your generosity has made me and many others incredibly happy and thankful.

If you would like to learn more about these organizations and how you can help, go to:

"Chevrolet Bel Air - Black" for Build Hope, Not Walls charity auction, 4.5"x9.5", acrylic


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