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Brumos Porsche No 59


It is funny how connections can lead to new opportunities. This is one situation where I am so thankful for networking. 

I connected with a wonderful car lover through LinkedIn  She had recently chatted with Sean Cridland, a writer/photographer/videographer. Sean had recently created an incredible encyclopedia series that covers the entire history of the Brumos team. A history going back to its roots in the early days of the 20th century, all the way up to the opening of the Brumos Collection in January 2020. Sean was looking for 10 international artists that would create a one-of-a-kind book case cover. Would I be interested in creating one?

Thanks to Sean, I found an image to work from straight out of the book series. I decided on a photo that said RACING to me. A #59 Porsche that had dents and dings. A photo that was the depicted the thrill of pursuing the checkered flag. 

This piece was a challenge to create as the image wrapped around corners. The base is painted in black, and the other surfaces include the Porsche race car and iconic #59. It is varnished with 3 coats of UV/UVA sealant. 

It was an honor to create this piece for Brumos. I look forward to hearing from the collector that purchased this one-of-a-kind piece. 

A big THANK YOU to my LinkedIn connection and Sean Cridland. You can learn more about Sean and his work HERE

NOTE: Available through Brumos Collection

Brumos Porsche No 59


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