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1974 BMW 2002


As empty nesters, my husand and I try to travel somewhere every other year. Our trips are centered around cars (or other forms of transportation like motorcycles, airplanes, etc.) so our trip helps me with reference photos.

In 2019, we took a trip to Los Angeles. I was born in Long Beach, but haven't really been back to California much since we moved from there to Texas in 1990. 

One of the events we attended was in San Clemente. I have a series of paintings that feature half of the vehicle. This is one from that series. One of my dream cars is a classic BMW 2002. This one was just fabulous, and I knew I wanted to bring it to life on canvas. 

This painting was a bit of a challenge as there weren't a lot of reflections in the body work. The day was a bit gray, so I embellished the blue sky a bit. Something I often do on gray days with my reference photo. 


"1974 BMW 2002", 20"x30", acrylic on canvas


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