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1972 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 M22


How beautiful is this blue? As we are all experiencing quarantine, going to car shows and events has completely stopped for me. Thankfully, I ran across an auto collector that takes wonderful photos. I bartered with Charles H. for allowing me to use his image (and 4 others) to create paintings from in exchange for a small print of the paintings I create of his photos. I have 3 more paintings coming from his great reference photos very soon.

I wanted to paint this one in particular because of the wonderful blue body. I used about 12 different colors to bring the bodywork to life (greens, blues, and purples). This angle was particularly challenging. Foreshortening and giving the illusion that an image is going away from you is quite tough on a 2D surface. I believe challenging ourselves is the best way for us to learn. This one definitely did it for me.

"1972 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 M22, 24"x36"1.5", acrylic on canvas, by Shan Fannin. UVA sealed, finished sides, wired, ready to hang. 2020

This painting is available through Abend Gallery

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