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1966 F1 Lotus 43


This is one of my favorite F1 cars. We saw this gorgeous race car while visiting the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. My husband snapped a quick photo as it raced past us.

I have to say that creating the illusion of speed in paint is a challenge. I adore painting with my hands, and this technique worked well for the hay and tarmac of this image. We took many other images of race cars while at Goodwood, and I plan to create several more racing images in 2019. This piece makes quite a statement and conversation piece.

This painting will be available in December 2020 through Signet Contemporary Gallery 

“1966 F1 Lotus 43″, 20″x60″x1.5”, acrylic on canvas.

Available through Signet Contemporary. Letter of Authenticity included. 

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