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1966 Arctic Blue Ford Mustang


There are vehicles in our past that are timeless. The ones that have made a positive impression on us that brings a smile to our face. I believe Mustangs fall into that category. Even if we never owned a Mustang (I have), we know of someone that had one and can relay fond memories of it.

I was attracted to this icy blue lady during a car event. I found this painting a challenge as I used a limited palette for the body, but needed to create depth with them. I’m happy with the outcome.


Colors used: Paynes Gray, Zinc/Titanium White, Cerulean/Light Permanent/Indanthrene Blue, Indo Orange, Raw Umber, Cadmium Red, Ghost Gum, Raw Sienna, and Cadmium Yellow

“1966 Arctic Blue Ford Mustang”, 20″x60″x1.5″, acrylic on cotton canvas, 2017


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