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1956 Flaming Chevrolet Bel Air


I usually don’t create a painting specifically for a exhibition, but this piece is different. I saw that a museum exhibition was having a 2nd annual show. The juror is a highly respected NYC gallery owner that I greatly admire. I wanted to submit to the show for a chance to get my work seen by a new audience. What to paint? I wanted my piece to really jump off the canvas.

I remembered that my husband and I had seen this Chevrolet Bel Air the year before at a local car show. I thought the green bodywork complimented the vibrant flames beautifully. It was the perfect subject for my museum submission.

There are lots of abstracted figures in this piece. I must admit that it is the most color intensive work I’ve done to date. There were so many colors used. A rainbow and more. I’m really happy with how this turned out. It is a cheerful work and one that reflects how I try to be in live. Colorful, happy, and bright 🙂

NOTE: This painting image is included in the Lunar Codex project heading to the Moon in 2022-2024. You can read about it HERE. 


“1956 Flaming Chevrolet Bel Air”. 20″x20″x1.5″, acrylic on canvas. 2018


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