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1949 Ford F1 Truck


I have to say that I just adore vintage trucks. This lovely lady was photographed in Austin during the Texas Round Up. I believe it was for the 2018 show. 

This piece has a bit more subtle coloring with the greens and blues. There is so much going on in the reflections and background, that I wanted to give it a more relaxed palette. I just love working on larger paintings as it allows me to paint with my fingers, palms, and brushes. I'm truly happy with creating when I can paint BIG and get messy. 

I'm happy to say that this painting is now with a beloved, avid collector. I hope it brings them as much joy as it gave me while creating it. 


"1949 Ford F1 Truck", Acrylic on cotton canvas
48 "x 60" x 1.50" in (121.92 x 152.40 x 3.81 cm)


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