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1916 Harley Davidson 8 Valve F Head Racer


Although we travel as much as possible to photograph beautiful vehicles at events, my husband and I can’t see it all. Thankfully, there are phenomenal photographers all over the globe that catch vehicles that have character. One such photographer posted some of his work on the website Reddit, and my husband knew this motorcycle would be something I would enjoy painting. The photographer and I bartered and I created this painting. The patina on the gas tank is my favorite part of this work. I made most of those smudges with my fingertips and tiny brushes. The lighting was cloudy for the initial photo, so the metal work is rather dull. I believe this makes the gas tank stand out even more. I definitely see myself painting more aged vehicles in the future.

This painting is available through Artist ( A Letter of Authenticity and soft portfolio book are included with purchase. 

“1916 Harley Davidson 8 Valve F Head Racer”, 24″x30″x1.5″, acrylic on cotton duck canvas by Shan Fannin.

Available through Artist ( Unframed. Letter of Authenticity included.

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