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"Driven, Not Stirred" (Martini Racing Porsche)


I saw this gorgeous Porsche during a Texas car event and was instantly captivated by the Martini livery reflected in tail. That reflection boggled my mind, and I knew it would be a challenge to paint. It took me a bit longer to bring this piece to life as I was experiencing issues with depression because our only child moved out of state for the first time. Mom blues I guess. I will say that I am happy with how this piece turned out. I know that the collector that connects with this painting will have a bit of racing blood running through their veins and a love for adventure.

This painting is available through the Kessler Collection Grand Bohemian Hotel Grand Bohemian Gallery.

32"x48", acrylic on cotton canvas. 2023

Includes Letter of Authenticity. Signed in lower left corner by artist on front. Signed and dated on back.

"Driven, Not Stirred" (Martini Racing Porsche)

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