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"After Hours" (1990 Ferrari F40)


I originally painted this Pebble Beach awarding winning car back in 2017. The painting sat on my walls for several years, and in 2021 I recreated it on a much larger canvas. That painting is now with a wonderful collector.

As I sat in my studio one day, I looked over at this earlier canvas, and decided I wanted to refresh it. There were areas that I really wanted to fix (the wheel, the completely dark background, the taillight, and adding some reflections). Now this piece looks more like the original F40 that we photographed one night. I just love the bold lighting on her curves. So fun!

This painting is now available through the Kessler Collection Grand Bohemian Plant Riverside Gallery, Savannah, Georgia.

"After Hours" (1990 Ferrari F40)


Acrylic on Canvas

3 coats of UV/UVA varnish

"After Hours" (1990 Ferrari F40)

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