1971 Corvette Stingray 454 Wheel

1971 Corvette 454 Stingray Wheel” 24″x36″x1.5″, acrylic on canvas. 2018.


I’m so fortunate to meet the people I do through vehicles and art. One of my treasured contacts is a GT3 racing driver and his staff. I’ve had the pleasure of painting several of their vehicles, and they know I’m always looking for interesting vehicles to paint.

This lovely lady was in their inventory, and they gave me a call to come photograph her before she was shipped to the new owner. Although the car is stunning, I was instantly captured by the chrome wheels and abstract reflections. My yellow bowling shirt and Converse high tops added a bit of pop to the asphalt and landscape. This was a fun piece to paint.

Available through 33 Contemporary Art Gallery 

Shan and Stingray wheel