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1932 Auburn Speedster 8100A Phaeton Sedan

1932 Auburn Speedster

“1932 Auburn Speedster”, 24″x48″x1.5″, acrylic and ink, 2016. Unframed. Inquire for Pricing.

This regal vision has an incredible profile that I felt needed to be captured in full onto canvas. The lush forest and lawn reflections are beautifully distorted in her body. I included the foliage in the piece, but chose to give them an almost impressionist feel in order to bring attention to the Auburn. Looking at this lady, you get a sense that this was owned by someone with an adventurous attitude that delighted in being noticed.

Colors used: Sap/Hookers/Olive Green, Prussian/Cerulean Blue, Raw Umber, Quinacridone Blue Violet, Alizarin Red, Naples Yellow, and Titanium White.

Available through Abend Gallery. Please contact for shipping information. 

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