1930 Indian Scout 101 Motorcycle

“1930 Indian Scout 101″, 24″x24″x1.5”, acrylic on canvas. 2017

I saw this phenomenal bike during a car show a few years back. I asked my husband to snap a quick photo of her, as I knew I wanted to put her onto canvas one day. She had amazing character and I adored the surrounding reflections on her gas tank.

This painting flowed easily onto the canvas. Honestly, this painting almost painted itself as it came to life quickly and without much thought. Not all pieces are like that for me, but this one was. It was a joy to create. I will definitely be painting more vintage bikes in the future.


For this painting, I used quite a few colors to get the engine patina. Colors used: Naples and Cadmium Yellow, Burnt Umber, Bright and Indathrene Blue, Raw Sienna, Paynes Gray, Azo/Alizarin/Cadmium Red Medium, Terre Verte and Arctic Green, Titanium and Zinc White, Mars Black, Iridescent Bright Gold, Bright Purple.


Available through artist. Framed with simple, black contemporary wooden frame. Please send inquiries to shan@shanfannin.com 


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